An all-terrain wheelchair designed for ski slopes!

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    With its unique, exclusive, patented technology, EASY UP allows you to take chair lifts and other types of ski lifts without assistance.

    It is easy and quick to use.

    Available on the QUADRIX HAND’S model

    STRMTG-approved for use on chair lifts, ski lifts and in cable cars (Approval no. AVMH-780-08-A)

  • Optimum Comfort

    Optimum Comfort

    The optimum comfort of the cockpit has been made possible by an extensive ergonomic study and many field tests.

    • Several seating options:
      • Rally-style bucket seat: this very comfortable seat keeps the upper part of the body closely strapped in with a four-point harness
      • Articulated composite seat: optional (see link)
        • Ergonomic, comfortable driving position:
          • Sliding, adjustable-tilt seat: seating adjustable in length, like car seats.
          • Legs stretched-out position
          • Adjustable-tilt seat back
        • High-performance long-travel suspension (140mm/5½”), adjustable according to the user’s weight
  • High-performance technology

    High-performance technology

    All QUADRIX models use mountain bike technology to obtain optimum stability and safety:

    • Suspension: independent suspension, via adjustable shock absorbers that control the compression and rebound
    • Powerful braking system: all QUADRIX models are equipped with four hydraulic disc brakes with equaliser (except QUADRIX AXESS)
    • All-terrain capacities: enabled by the high ground clearance and the excellent grip of the mountain bike suspension and wheels. The centre of gravity is lowered to maintain good stability in slopes. For the electric models, the high-powered motors and speed management make it possible to climb over obstacles easily.

Activities : Descente @en, DOWNHILL RIDING, FTT @en

An all-terrain wheelchair designed for ski slopes!

Take a chair lift, a ski lift or a cable car with the HAND’S all-terrain wheelchair and ride down the paths and the slopes of your favourite ski resort!
Unique, exclusive EASY UP technology allows persons with reduced mobility to take all types of ski lifts on their own.
The back wheels fold up in three simple steps and you are ready to take the ski lift.
The HAND’S is easy to get to know and you will soon feel confident enough to relax and enjoy new sensations!

  • Advantages
  • Technology
  • Specifications
  • Patented EASY UP system – worldwide exclusive rights.
  • STRMTG-approved for use on chair lifts, ski lifts and in cable cars (In France, approval no. AVMH-780-08-A)
  • Powerful braking system
  • Parking brake
  • High-performance long-travel suspension (140mm/5½”)
  • Access to all paths over 90 cm-wide (1 yd)
  • Optimum comfort and stability: ergonomic driving position with legs stretched out
  • Easy transfer
  • Instant ease of use
  • Reliable and sturdy
  • One-year guarantee
  • Articulated composite seat with lap belt and thigh straps
  • 4 hydraulic disc brakes with equaliser
  • Adjustable cockpit and stem
  • Adjustable shock absorbers (compression and rebound)
  • Removable safety roll bar
  • 7020 aluminium, thermo-lacquered, alloy frame
  • Two Ø24” rear wheels
  • Two Ø20” front wheels
  • Tyre sealant in all of the tyres
  • 4 adjustable shock absorbers
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Adjustable handlebar stem, from 0 to 60° angle
  • Seat height 40 cm (15¾")
  • Ground clearance 22 cm (8½")
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 161 x 89 x 95 cm
  • Weight: 58 kg
  • Driver height from 1.25 m upwards (4' 1")